NoName (Gypsy) - Telefone

Executive Produced by Noname, Cam O’bi & Phoelix
Artwork by Nikko Washington
Mixed & Mastered by Elton “L10MixedIt” Chueng

Release date:

26 July 2016

Finally, after numerous guest appearances, individual tracks let a loose over the past couple of years, Noname, formaly NoName Gypsy, has blessed us with a body of work that embodies the magic of black women. Her debut, Telefone, speaks to need for a female presence of substance in the hip hop world. 

On Telefone, Noname comes off as quintessentially a "right on time" rapper. As the door is wide open for an artist of content, ill lyricism, dope beats and even doper flows, Noname glides in on melodic synthesizers. Far from a rapper of simplicity, Noname tip-toes from flow to flow effortlessly, gracefully escalating through the project. 

Noname does not shy away from sprinkling thoughts on black womanhood, Chicago upbringings, and deeper relations between men and women. Making parables between the physical and spiritual battles we face every day, Noname speaks on the turbulent climate of society referencing recent social injustices and spreading words of encouragement and prayers of safety to young black men.

Her lyrics seamlessly interlace in and out of the Chicago sounds of classic R&B, jazz and hip hop present in her music. Her sound is only amplified by her features from the likes of Smino, Sabo, and Raury among others crooners. This project is definitely a breathe of fresh air in a music scene that can often get suffocating with over saturation of basic raps.

DreVinci WRKS approves! Stream the project below and visit to download. Follow Noname @Nonamehiding