Dubbed the "Greatest Sneaker show on Earth," Sneakercon definitely doesn't disappoint. SneakerCon is a sneaker convention like no other. A pioneer in the sneaker culture, people travel far and wide to take part in this event.

SneakerCon is the premier traveling event for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market.

Literally kicks on kicks on kicks! The convention allows vendors, artists, performers, sneaker resellers, and sneaker enthusiasts a like to congregate under one roof. It's not uncommon to see local celebrities frequent these conventions especially the ones who are avid subscribers to the sneaker culture.

My trips to SneakerCon have always been momentous. I was able to sell off some old pairs, network with local fashion designers, meet some heavy hitter sneaker famous IG account holders, and created a new way to capture the essence of Sneakercon with "Kick Cam."


Thinking about venturing to the next Sneakercon? Well here is a quick survival guide to prepare you for who you will encounter and how to maneuver in that space:

  • Itemize the sneakers you are bringing and set a base price for what you want or if you are just looking then create a list of hopeful kicks you would like to bring home with you.
  • Get there early.
    • Sneakercon is known to pack the house and showing up fashionably late will have you waiting in uber long line with all your sneakers piled into your arms.
  • Brush up on your haggling skills.
    • Sneakercon is full of business salesmen disguised as adolescent kids, who know how to negotiate with the best of them so it's important you keep a strong poker face and not get played by a 13 year old trying to convince you that your kicks are valued lower than what you have it priced at.
  • Patience is a virtue if you aren't patient it can hurt you...
    • Don't panic if you aren't making hundreds of dollars as soon as you come in. Give it time, go through the motions, advertise your kicks by picking a premiere spot to set up. It helps to go with someone so one of you can walk the floor holding up any given pair and advertise what you are selling.
  • Network Network Network...
    • Make sure you make it a point to get contact info of local vendors and fellow sneaker heads you never know what relationships can come of the connections you make at sneakercon.